Chinese Yunmai Mini 1 (not mini 2) Scale and Android App Problem and Workaround

So I bought a Yunmai scale a few years ago.  When I ordered it, the seller sent me the Chinese version of the scale.  I complained because all of the instructions were in Chinese, but the seller assured me that sent me the US Manual and told me it will work with the the English App. Now fast forward to present day and the Yunmai app was updated so it restricts the use of Chinese Scale with the English version of the app.  I was angry so I wrong Yunmai an unhappy letter, but no response.  Not even a courtesy email explaining why they are doing this.  I checked Google Play store reviews and found many people with this same issue.  Since I can’t count on Yunmai to do the write thing, I went and sought after my own fix.

So this fix is a workaround and not an official fix per se.  But it will at least allow you to connect.  So basically the fix is side load an old version of the Yunmai app.

  1.  Download the following APK from you Android phone. [LINK:]
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Android will probably tell you are attempting to install an app via an unknown source.  Just go ahead and allow it.
  4. And voila.  THis app will work.

I know that it may not have the latest and greatest features.  But if you are the accidental owner of Chinese version of the scale in the US,  at least you are not stuck with a dumb scale.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Yunmai Mini 1 (not mini 2) Scale and Android App Problem and Workaround

  1. Hi!
    I worked according your steps. The problem is that I cant connect the scale to this version. Is it still working to you?


  2. Greetings. I tried your method to get my brand new Yunmai Mini 2 scale working but the app will not connect to my scale. It tries to connect but after a minute it sais disconnected. The up to date version connects fine but asks for the Chinese version. Any other suggestions please?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hmm.. seems like this isn’t working for many. I have yunmain mini, and not the mini 2. So I do not know if that matters. And also. I accidentally left auto updates on and my app was automatically updated to the latest version (2.5). And it still connects. I have a feeling that this work around only works with the Mini 1. Not the mini 2. And I also have a feeling after the mini 2 was released, they are now allowing the chinese version of the mini 1 to connect to the latest version of the app. Unfortunately I do not have mini 2 to find a work around.

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