Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Reverse Camera

So I was working on my car (2005 Mazda 3 Hatchback) the for past few months. Little fixes here and there. New sparks, new ignition coils, and had to replace my ignition coil connectors. But after working on my car extensively I felt I had enough knowledge to try other things. So I decided to pick up a few things to upgrade my car. The first is the Togaurd Digital Wireless Backup Camera, and the other is was Bluetooh Adapter that integrates into my factory head unit (review will come when I get it from china). But this is my review of the Toguard digital Wireless Backup Camera.

What I bought:
Toguard Camera:
Extra Wire:
Add a Circuit:

1. Wireless! No stupid wire running to the front of my car.
2. Pretty easy install considering my car’s design. (The reverse lights are on my hatchback hatch and the license plate is on my bumper. Which made it interesting.)
3. The camera automatically turned on when in reverse and remains off in all other gears.
4. Screen is clear.
5. Has guidance lines.
6. Has LED lights on it for reversing at night time.
7. Very little lag from when you put it in reverse.

1. Menu navigation was cumbersome. Had to long press buttons to navigate menu screens.
2. Installation was a little difficult, but again mostly due to my car’s design. But could have been a little easier had they made certain wires longer.

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