Google Opinion Rewards App Is A SCAM

I’ve been using google opinion rewards for months.  Earning 25 cents here 10 cents there.  Usually I would receive a survey or two a week..I’ve earned a total of $83 doing a total of 289 surveys since 4/9/2016.  That’s an average of a little over 2 surveys per week. But I haven’t received a single survey since July 9th.  Today is August 4th, so no surveys in almost a month.  I went back in my history and never have I gone this long without a Survey (except for the time I replaced my phone an forgot to install it.) So what gives?

So I asked myself, what has changed recently?  Oh yeah, I signed up for Youtube TV recently.  And you guess it, on July 9th.  Coincidence?  I think not. I am pretty sure google has put me at the bottom of their Survey list.  They can’t have me earning too much Google Credits to which I can apply for my streaming service.  It would cut into their profit margin. Well at least Sams Club has discounted Google Play gift cards.  That should help with some of my costs.