The Comprehensive Cydia Repo Tutorial

While attempting to create my own cydia repo, I’ve ran into many many bumps in the road. Jay Freeman aka Saurik, the father of Cydia, is a genius and all his work is greatly appreciated, but very little can be said about his documentation skills or his affinity to respond to support requests for repository issues. Especially for novices in developing like myself. So while his tutorial greatly assisted me in getting started, I had to gather little bits and pieces of information from all over to get a comprehensive understanding of how Cydia repositories work. The following is a list of key features that most tutorials neglect to cover that I will cover in my tutorial:

1. How do I give my repository an icon?
2. How do I give my sections an icon?
3. How do I give my apps dependencies?
4. How do I setup conflicts?
5. How do I setup firmware requirements?
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